DJ's 2 Cents: Our veterans deserve better

CINCINNATI -- American soldiers have been subjected to speeches since long before Gettysburg. Words, ranging from profound to absurd, must ring hollow in ears assaulted by the din of gunfire.

We were shocked when word broke in 2007 that Washington's Walter Reed Medical Center was in decrepit shape. What had been the crown jewel of veterans hospitals was a mold ridden third-world of medical care.

It took a Washington Post story to spur the Bush administration to action.

Substandard VA care was a plank in the current administration's platform. Countless words followed but apparently little action. Until now that caregivers have thrown themselves into the withering fire of apathy and political expediency.

Thank God for the whistle-blowers, standing up for those who in many cases no longer can. But when civilians have to tell the military about shortcoming in their ranks, there are systemic problems that require not more words, but decisive action.

Ponder that when you see a proud veteran struggling but determined to escort our flag past the reviewing stand this Memorial Day. They deserve better.

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