Deters: This kind of thing wouldn't happen at Times Square in NYC

Comments on Fountain Square shooting

CINCINNATI - Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters weighed in on the recent Fountain Square shooting, saying that this type of incident is not seen at Times Square in New York City.

Cincinnati Police Chief James Craig went on WDBZ radio Monday and was asked about what Deters said.

"I'm willing to work with him," Chief Craig said. "I'm willing to partner with him. That's my message to him and anyone who's listening. And I look forward to that. But, we got violence going on this city right now. We have young people that shot at police officers, that are pointing guns. How can we together abate this problem of violence? That's what I want to hear."

A spokesperson for Deters later told 9 News that the prosecutor was only referring to the police presence you see on Times Square compared to Fountain Square. Deters is declining further comments on the remark.

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