Dennis Janson's '2 Cents' VIDEO: Your identity matters

If you want to pick up tickets left for you by a player at a stadium, you most show a photo ID at will call.

Same if you want to cash a check, get on an airliner or rent a car.

So is it so outrageous or inconvenient that people who want to access someone’s money should be asked to prove they are legally entitled to it?

More to the point, should voters have to prove they are the one and only citizen eligible to cast a ballot in their name?

As usual it comes down to party lines. One side says it is a scheme to depress voting. Hard to buy since Election Day is now a months-long exercise. The other side contends voter IDs safeguard a square deal for everyone. I'm with them.

After all, what is good for lottery winners is good for those who want a say in who governs our country. Oh, you didn't know that? Yes, to cash a winning lotto ticket over $600, guess what? You have to show a valid photo ID and social security number.

I guess proving your identity does matter, especially when government wants its cut.

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