Deal likely to keep Cincinnati ownership of Music Hall

City Council vote likely Wednesday

CINCINNATI - Members of Cincinnati City Council should vote Wednesday on a measure that could begin the process of renovating Music Hall.

The city wants to retain ownership of the historic Over-the-Rhine structure and contribute $10 million toward the projected $150 million cost to bring it up-to-date.

Vice-Mayor Roxanne Qualls said the $4 million that had been slated for the City Hall Atrium project is being shifted to Music Hall.  Two million per year will be added in each of the next three years to fulfill the commitment.

"While we can't do it in one year, three years is a lot better for what's needed at Music Hall to kick start the fund raising of that," she said.

A private group wanted to buy the building, saying it needed ownership as the key to getting approval for millions of dollars.

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