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Cincinnati Public Schools principals, administrators face possible layoffs

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CINCINNATI - In order to close a funding gap in the Cincinnati Public School system budget 72 administrators received word they might not have jobs next school year.

Public Affairs Director Janet Walsh with CPS confirmed that 72 administrators received non-renewal notices approved by the school board on Monday night. The non-renewal notices mean a mix of principals, assistant principals and administrators at the central office level may be subject to lay-offs  at the end of the school year unless reinstated.

The move would be to close a $46 to $53 million budge deficit CPS will face in June. By Ohio state law, all school districts must balance budgets, Walsh said.

The number of non-renewal notices gives the district flexibility when they find out how much state aid they will get for the budget, and the cuts that may need to be made where.  Another 15 non-renewal notices could be sent out in May as an additional precaution.

The reason for the wait until May for those additional notices is, in part, because some of the personnel who are relatively new must receive two reviews before the board can act, Walsh added.

If the district finds it cannot close the budget gap between now and June, Walsh did not close the door to possibly sending notices to teachers as well. Teachers would be notified by the end of April if that decision is made, Walsh said.

Overall, CPS has seen a bump in enrollment this past fall according to Walsh.

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