University of Cincinnati adding 24 officers to improve campus safety

Students can use Life Safe app to summon help

CINCINNATI – The University of Cincinnati is adding two dozen police officers after an officer was sucker punched as he tried to help someone he thought was in trouble.

UC is beefing up security on and around campus with the start of fall classes approaching. The university is using a combination of manpower, technology and common sense.

Officer Dave Feudiger was assaulted Sunday afternoon on McMillan Street, just off campus.

Someone flagged him down, but when he got out of his cruiser, he was attacked from behind by Reginald Randolph, police say.

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That troubled Angelina Trimble.

"I frequent a lot of different restaurants in the area," she said.

"If they're going to do that to a police officer," Steve Asbach said, "who's to say what they're going to do to other people walking around here."

So UC is taking told steps to safeguard students and others.

"We have about 24 additional officers that are going to be added to our force over the summer and fall and we also have additional security officers," said Michele Ralston, spokesperson for UC Public Safety.

That will boost the UC force to 67 officers.

Duties include partnering with Cincinnati Police to patrol territory within a mile of campus.

"It would be a joint effort of UC Police and Cincinnati Police," said UC's Student Body President.

"I think it automatically creates a safer presence, knowing that there is someone there that can assist them in case something does come up," Beer said.

There's a new Life Safe app available for students, Ralston said.

"With a touch or two on their phone, they can be in immediate contact with UC police," Ralston said. "It also has a feature on it that will allow them to be monitored by friends and family as they walk to a destination."

Educating UC students on safety begins in freshman orientation and continues through graduation.

Vigilance is the key, said Mica Cunningham, a UC junior.

"I make sure that I am in lit areas and if I am traveling anywhere I take Night ride, which is a service offered by campus that runs throughout the night," Cunningham said.

There  also is an Ambassadors Program, which provides an escort to walk with.

Another focus is on students protecting their belongings and locking their dorm or apartment doors.

Classes begin on Aug. 25.

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