Colerain Township votes to end relationship with Hamilton County sheriff's deputies

COLERAIN TWP., Ohio -- The Colerain Township Board voted Tuesday to expire the contract it has with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office in early 2014.

According to Colerain Township Administrator Jim Rowan, the Board voted 3-0 in favor of the termination, after many months of debating the idea.

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The Colerain Police Department has said the partnership was likely to end because of budget constraints put on the sheriff's office.

Hamilton County Commissioners forced the sheriff's office to cut nearly $4 million from its budget. Those cuts meant patrols in townships like Colerain would also be cut.

The sheriff's office had said its six deputies would be phased out of the townships, and wouldn't be removed all at once. Each deputy will be reassigned.

At Tuesday's meeting, Sheriff Jim Neil said, "If you want to keep that resume stream, get aggressive with Colerain Township and work on that relationship that has clearly suffered damage."

The contract with Colerain Township will end effective Jan. 12, 2014.

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