Cold snap causes string of water main breaks

CINCINNATI -- The recent cold snap and severe winter weather is keeping Cincinnati utility crews busy.

Crews have been busy repairing water main breaks across the metro area.

The latest of which happened just after midnight Thursday near the intersection of Sixth Street and Broadway.

Officials said the city will have to block off the intersection during repairs and the break will cost the city extra money in repairs. Workers said they won’t be able to start on the repairs for several hours.

Water Works officials said the pipe that burst supplies a fire hydrant, so no customers were affect.

A metal plate was placed over the damaged roadway so traffic can pass.

Crews will repair the pipe after rush hour Thursday evening.

Water works crews said they typically see four to five such breaks a day in days during cold snaps.

The cold weather has water main breaks to jump almost 20 percent so far this year. The City of Cincinnati has notched 60 reported breaks alone.

According to the website , there have been 180 water main breaks in North America so far on Thursday.

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