Family seeks good home for dogs of brother who died in car crash

WILLIAMSBURG, Ohio – In the shadow of loss, one local family is seeking the kindness of strangers to take in three beloved dogs.

“My brother was not married and these three dogs were like family,” said John Goldbach of his brother, Carl Goldbach’s dogs.

Carl R. Goldbach, 60, died Thursday on State Route 131 in Jackson Township after he rear-ended a disabled dump truck stalled in a traffic lane near the intersection of S.R. 131 and Hunt Road. He left behind Skyler, Susie, and Clancy.

“Susie is a coon dog and will need a place to run,” John said as he let the three dogs outside at his brother’s house Saturday afternoon. “She’s a larger dog. She gets out and she runs and runs and runs,” he chuckled.

Skyler is a brown dog and Clancy is a big black dog with blue eyes.

“The dogs were a big part of his entire life,” John noted.  “I’m not entirely sure how he got them all. One he found in a park. I think the other two he got from a rescue.”

John said other family members were unable to care for the dogs themselves, but they know they are fulfilling Carl's wishes by finding  the dogs good homes.

“This is about the dogs and getting them a home and making sure they are safe. They were his family,” John said.

Anyone interested in adopting one, or all of the dogs, can contact John Goldbach at 513-478-5592 or email him at .

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