Man pleads guilty in court after he admits to killing roommate in 911 call, agrees to life sentence

UNION TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- A man entered a guilty plea Thursday in Clermont County Court after he admitted in a 911 call that he killed his roommate.

Phillip Hamm, 21, pleaded guilty to aggravated murder and agreed to a life sentence with ability to get parole after 25 years.

"I just wanted to apologize to the family for what has happened and I do wish I could take all this back," Hamm said inside the courtroom. "I never wished anything upon her like this. I'm sorry."

Hamm was charged with murder after he called police on February 15 and told dispatchers he choked his roommate, 20-year-old Meagan Fambry, to death.

“This morning my roommate and I got in an argument, and I honestly lost my mind and I went off and I choked her and I killed her,” Hamm said in a released recording of that 911 call. “And it probably happened a few hours ago. Honestly, I don’t know what happened to myself. I really don’t.”

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Hamm said the incident took place between 7:30 and 8 a.m. after an evening of attending a house party, drinking and arguing.

“At the party we had gotten into a little bit of an argument. And I know at that point I had been drinking a bit and I kind of blacked and grabbed her. I came to and realized what I had done. I stayed away from her at the party for about a half an hour to 45 minutes,” he said in the call.

Hamm previously entered a plea of not guilty and had been held on a $500,000 bond since his arraignment.

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Fambry's father, Enrico Fambry spoke Thursday in court, after Hamm pleaded guilty to killing his daughter.

"I appreciate that someone has finally come to their sense to admit their guilt and save both families involved a very treacherous trial process which could be very devastating to both families involved," he said. "I'm sure it's already very devastating with the events that have happened, but I believe that a trial could be a breaking point for a lot of people. And I'm just glad justice is served and we can find some kind of closure in all of this."

Meagan's mother, Elizabeth Autry said Thursday marked a "good day," because her family finally got closure.

"There's a lot of parents that aren't blessed that way in knowing what happened to their child," Autry said. "I have respect for Phillip's parents, and for Phillip, for immediately taking responsibility."

She said she that while Meagan is gone, she understands that the Hamm family will now lose their son as he heads to jail.

"His finally pleading guilty and saving us from a trial speaks volumes of how he was raised and I'll be forever grateful for that," Autry said. "I knew from the beginning that this was a tragedy for both families and that... forgiving unlocks a lot of bitterness to weigh down your life. And I'm not going to allow my grief to define me and they shouldn't either."

Enrico Fambry said he and his family wanted Hamm to admit to killing their daughter, and now that he has, the family can start to find healing.

"The trial process could have been very devastating and crippling to our family," Enrico Fambry said.



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