Man shot, 2 women beaten in Union Township home invasion

UNION TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- A  homeowner found a teenage girl "covered in blood" at her front door after a home invasion shooting on Tealtown Road in Clermont County Friday morning.

"I was cleaning and I heard somebody knocking at my door," Juanita Justice said. "Before I could get to the door, they knocked real hard again. And when I opened the door, she was standing here covered in blood.

"When I saw her, I thought that maybe she'd been in a car accident."

The girl was hysterical, Justice said.

The teen said two gunmen had broken into their home next door, shot her boyfriend and pistol-whipped her and her boyfriend's mother.

union township home invasion

"They took most everything they had," Justice said.

The three were taken to University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Police have not released their names and have provided few details.

"He's a pretty nice boy," Justice said. "Day before yesterday, my son brought me some gravel and I was spreading it around the shed and he came over and helped me.

"They're quiet. They just say hi to me and we speak and that's it."

A young man who lives across the street, Cody Cliff, said he was shocked at what he saw when he woke up Friday.

"With me growing up around here pretty much all my life, I've always thought of it as the small quiet community -- nothing like this ever happening … It being across the street, it pretty much sends a shock through your bones," Cliff said.

He said was sleeping and unaware what was happening until his girlfriend woke him.

"To get up and see about 20 cops outside, I was pretty blown away by that itself," Cliff said.

Police haven't said why the three people might have been targeted.

"As far as knowing why someone would have done this to him, I'm not sure at all. He was a good rounded kid," Cliff said.

"He was loud. He liked to let people know he was around, but he was a really nice kid overall."

Justice said she didn't hear any commotion until she heard the knock on her door.

Justice said she waited with the girl after calling police for help.

The gunmen told the girl if she said anything they would  beat her again, Justice said.

Justice said she has lived on the street for 22 years. It's usually quiet and she wasn't afraid, she said.

“God takes care of me,” Justice said.

If you have information that could help solve this crime, call Union Township Police or CrimeStoppers at (513) 352-3040.



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