Jason Allen: Clermont County man accused of shooting, killing dog arrested on weapons charges

MONROE TOWNSHIP --- A Clermont County man accused of shooting a dog was arrested on weapons charges last Friday.

The incident happened at a rental property located at 2041 East Hall Road in Monroe Township around 10:22 p.m. Friday.

According to police, a Clermont County deputy heard gunshots while on patrol in the area and discovered a dog had been shot and killed by resident Jason Allen. Officials say the deputy also observed marijuana, narcotics and the firearm that was believed to be involved in the dog's death.

Police obtained a search warrant for Allen's home where investigators say they found marijuana, more than 700 prescription medications, and 26 firearms that are believed to be connected to several burglary and theft investigations.

In addition, authorities also seized $39,368 in U.S. currency, a motorcycle and an automobile.

Allen was transported to the Clermont County Jail where he was charged with one count of having weapons while under disability and one count of using weapons while intoxicated. His bond was set at $500,000.

Police say the case will be reviewed by the Prosecutor's Office and additional charges may be sought.

The case remains under investigation.



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