Health advisory lifted after East Fork Lake algae bloom recedes

Visitors of all ages can once again safely swim in East Fork Lake.

On June 25, the Environmental Protection Agency issued a warning about a toxic blue-green algae bloom in the lake. The bloom occurs when the algae that are present begin to grow “exuberantly,” according to a fact sheet by the CDC.

The EPA found levels of microcystin, a liver toxin produced by the cyanobacterial blooms, measuring at 8.7 parts per billion and 190 parts per billion at two beaches at East Fork State Park in June.

Children, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems are most at risk for getting ill if exposed to the toxins.

On July 26, the Ohio Department of Natural Resource reported that for the past two weeks algae levels in the lake are back down to acceptable levels and the advisory has been lifted, meaning the water is safe enough for all to enter.

More information about cyanobacterial toxins can be found on the CDC's fact sheet . A map displaying harmful algal bloom advisories can be found on the Ohio EPA website .

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