Alexsis Sexton: Clermont County babysitter sentenced to 15 years for dropping child

BATAVIA, Ohio -- A Clermont County babysitter was sentenced to 15 years in prison for intentionally dropping a 14-month-old child in her care.

In March, police say Alexsis Sexton, 19, dropped Noah Philhower at a home in Batavia. The child suffered a severe skull fracture, a lacerated liver and broken ribs.

Sexton was charged with felonious assault and child endangering.

Robert Gans, the child's grandfather, said his grandson will never be able to heal from the injuries he received.

"He had brain swelling, blood on his brain...he had three broken ribs," said Gans in front of judge during Sexton's sentencing Tuesday.

Gans, who now has custody of the toddler, asked the judge to show no mercy for Sexton.

"I just want her to receive the maximum you can give for what she has done...It's not fair for him to deal with something for the rest of his life," said Gans.

Sexton was also charged with the same crimes in a separate case. Authorities say 2-year-old Cadence Reynolds suffered three fractured fingers while in Sexton's care.

At her sentencing Sexton spoke told the judge she has a serious problem she can't control.

"I apologize to all my victims...I wish them nothing but the best in the future...your honor all I want is to get help," said Sexton.

Sexton's mother Jane Yolkom asked the judge for mercy for her daughter because she was suffering too.

"She also admitted to me she never told me because she thought people would turn against and think she was crazy," said Yolkom.

Several other family and friends spoke on Sexton's behalf but in end the judge said because of the victims she hurt  and the seriousness of her crime she had to go to prison.

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