City to vote on coverting Walnut Hills road to two-way street

CINCINNATI - Cincinnati City Council will vote on making William Howard Taft Road and East McMillan State a two-way street Thursday.

The city's goal is to improve the flow of traffic in Walnut Hills in the area just east of I-71.

City engineers have already put out notice telling residents road workers will be repainting road lines this weekend to make the streets accommodating to two-way traffic.

A traffic alert has been issued for this Saturday, Oct. 13 and Saturday, Oct. 20. Street painting will take place from 7 a.m. until the job gets done, city officials said.

The new design will have two eastbound lanes on McMillan and two westbound lanes on Taft. McMillan will feature an additional lane that runs westbound, while Taft's third lane will run eastbound.

Each street will have an additional lane for parking.

This undertaking has been a year in the making and despite minor inconveniences, many area residents seem happy about the decision.

Check the video on this page for more information on the situation and reactions from residents.

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