Cincinnati's trash collection system goes semi-automated on Monday

CINCINNATI -- The city of Cincinnati's trash collection system is now semi-automated.

Starting Monday, the city will only collect trash that has been placed inside a city provided receptacle.

The new 65-gallon bins have wheels and an attached lid. They also have an attached metal lift bar that is crucial to the new garbage collection process. After workers roll the cart to the truck, a mechanical arm lifts up the trash can by the bar and dumps it into the back of the truck.

City officials hope the new system will not only reduce annual operating costs by cutting down on injuries suffered by worker due to heavy lifting.

"Trash carts will help create a safer work environment, and that means we save taxpayers' money by reducing costly injuries," said Michael Robinson, director of the Department Public Services. "They're also going
to help keep Cincinnati's neighborhoods cleaner because of the attached lids and wind-resistance."

The city already collects recycling through a semi-automated system.

Single-family homes and multi-family homes of up to four units will receive the carts. Each eligible household received one cart, but residents are able to swap them for a larger or smaller size depending on what they need.

Residents should try their new cart for two weeks before swapping for another size, Robinson said.

The city plans to have Trash Amnesty Weeks around certain holidays so residents can set out more holiday-related trash than fits inside their cart without penalty.

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