VIDEO: Cincinnati Zoo opens new interactive parrot exhibit

CINCINNATI -- A new display at the Cincinnati Zoo is quite literally for the birds.

The zoo opened its Kea Free Flight Aviary on Friday.

Kea are large parrots native to the mountain forests of New Zealand.

The new aviary will have special kea encounters on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, but is open daily.

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Zookeepers said they care for one of the largest flocks of kea in the world and the largest in North American.

The new exhibit is located in the former Lorikeet Landing space.

"With the recent addition of six chicks this breeding season, our flock currently consists of 16 individuals, which is very exciting," said Robert Webster, Curator of Birds at the Cincinnati Zoo, in a release. "Housing such a large flock means we have a responsibility to both provide public advocacy for the conservation of the species and provide plenty of enrichment for the birds. We all work hard every day to fulfill these duties and this new exhibit helps us facilitate this while providing a unique environment for our guests to share a meaningful experience with the animals."

The new exhibit includes a 10-foot by 7-foot viewing window made of ORNILUX Bird Protection Glass. The glass appears clear to humans but has a UV reflective coating that is visible to birds that helps mitigate crashes.

The interactive feature includes a puzzle that requires both zoo patrons and the kea parrots to solve, as well as a play maze.

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