Cincinnati study: Students smoking less tobacco, more pot

CINCINNATI – Tri-State students are smoking less tobacco and more marijuana, according to a study by the Coalition for Drug Free Greater Cincinnati.

The study, which compiled data from more than 56,000 students from seventh to 12th grade, states tobacco use is down by 53 percent since 2000.

According to the study, 5 percent of students abuse prescription drugs, 10 percent smoke cigarettes, 12 percent smoke marijuana and 18 percent drink alcohol.

The average age students report trying these substances is 13. The study also states peer and parental-disapproval rates are at an all-time high.

"We're excited that most kids aren’t using and we continue to see progress in this area,” said coalition spokesperson Mary Haag. “We have concerns in slight ticks in marijuana-use and binge drinking, and we're going to keep our eye and our effort on those two areas."

Students from more than 100 schools took part in the survey. It is conducted every two years.

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