Cincinnati police demonstrate how your kids can stay safe in school with ALICE Response Program

CINCINNATI - The attack at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., has put schools and businesses around the county on high alert as they work to assess their own safety plans.

Cincinnati police encourage Tri-State residents to employ the ALICE Response Program . Police demonstrated the program at Withrow High School Wednesday morning. To watch a video of part of the demonstration, click on the video player.

A.L.I.C.E. stands for:

  • Alert- danger announcement
  • Lockdown- secure starting point from which to make safety decisions.
  • Inform- provide real-time information to those in danger.
  • Counter- use of simple, proactive techniques to counter aggressive actions if necessary.
  • Evacuation- remove as many from the danger zone as quickly as possible.

The approach uses strategies that combine environmental design, technology and communication, law enforcement response and action by those in immediate danger.

The officers tell 9 On Your Side that hiding under a desk makes you more of a victim if an attacker enters the room in which you are hiding.  Instead, they say, if you can identify that the threat is in another part of the building your best bet is to run from the building to a safe location.  If you are unable to leave the building the officers suggest you secure the door by blocking it with items in the classroom.  If the attacker does enter the room be prepared to fight back by throwing items at the attacker and then rush toward the individual. 

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