Cincinnati one of worst cities for sleep

CINCINNATI - A new study conducted by national research expert Bert Sperlin shows the best and worst cities for sleep in the country.

The results were based on data retrieved from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Bureau of labor statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau.

The 50 most populous metropolitan cities in the U.S. were ranked based on number of days in the month residents complained about not sleeping well or getting rest, the average length of daily commute, divorce rate, unemployment rate and overall happiness, including a resident's  physical, mental and emotional health.

The study found that places with high scores for overall happiness and low unemployment were the best for sleep. Cities with low scores on overall happiness were the worst.

Below are the results.

Best cities for sleep

1. Minneapolis , MN
2. Anaheim, CA
3. San Diego, CA
4. Raleigh-Durham, NC
5. Washington, DC
6. Northern NJ
7. Chicago, IL
8. Boston, MA
9. Austin, TX
10. Kansas City, MO

Worst cities for sleep

1. Detroit, MI
2. Cleveland, OH
3. Nashville, TN
4. Cincinnati, OH
5. New Orleans, LA
6. New York, NY
7. Las Vegas, NV
8. Miami, FL
9. San Francisco, CA
10. St. Louis, MO

National Sleep Awareness Week begins on March 5.

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