Cincinnati drivers face winter storm's dangerous aftermath

CINCINNATI -- The latest winter storm has come and gone, but it's left dangers for drivers around town.

Snow and ice made travel tricky. Now, ice and snow are falling off cars, potentially hitting a motorists following behind them on the road.

WCPO reporter Bryce Anslinger spoke to a motorist who took I-71 Wednesday afternoon. Karie Gallo drive behind a Toyota 4Runner SUV, when a piece of ice broke free from the vehicle and came straight for her.

"Ice just started flying off the top of their car," Gallo said. "I was able to avoid the first piece. The second piece was just a huge piece of ice that just came flying at me and there was no way to avoid it."

Gallo reached out to the Montgomery Police Department after the ice hit her minivan, but received no help.

"They told me that they could take the information, but there was nothing ... that the other car was not liable because they consider it an act of God," Gallo said.

Under Ohio law, drivers must maintain a clear view out all windows on a vehicle. Ice from the top of a car lies in a gray area, where no specific law applies.

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