Chief Craig makes his case before commission

Chief says he was not aware of requirement

CINCINNATI - A lawyer for the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy says there are no provisions to allow chief Craig to skip his state certification test.

Cincinnati's police chief argued Thursday why he should be allowed to skip the test.

He requested an exemption from the 200 question multiple-choice test, which is required for all Ohio police officers, citing his 35 years of experience as an officer in California.

Craig's attorneys David Pepper and Nathaniel Jones asked the seven member Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission for the opportunity to file a legal brief arguing on behalf of a possible waiver.

They have until next Friday to file.  Attorneys for the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy will then have seven days to file a rebuttal.

The commission will then have thirty days to issue a decision in the matter.

Said Craig, "If the men and women of this department were dissatisfied with me as their leader, and if community members that live here in this city were dissatisfied with the work that we're doing today, then I would tell you candidly I would leave."

Craig said he wants to be treated fairly, and that he believes as an officer who's risen through the ranks, it's not fair for him to have to take the test that he believes wouldn't assess his ability to lead the police department.

Chief James Craig has said he was not aware of a police officer test requirement when he took the job as chief.

The chief's hearing will take place in front of the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission in London, Ohio.

Stay with 9 News and for the decision the board makes on whether the chief will have to take the test or not.

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