Catholic school teacher to quit over contract

CINCINNATI - A local Catholic school educator says she is going to quit her job over a controversial new contract that she says doesn't allow her to support her gay son.

Molly Shumate is the first teach employed by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati to refuse to sign the 2014-15 contract. She's one of about 2,200 teachers who serve at schools run by the archdiocese.

Under the new contract Shumate, who has taught at a Catholic school in Hamilton County for 14 years, would not be allowed to publicly support things such as living together outside of marriage, sexual activity out of wedlock, the homosexual lifestyle, use of in vitro fertilization or artificial insemination, and abortion.

As the parent of a gay son, she says that's not an option for her.

"I would never initial next to a statement saying that I will not support my son who in my eyes my God made perfectly. I will not do that," Shumate said in April.

Shumate was one of a few thousand teachers, parents and parishioners in opposition of the morality clause who collected signatures to have the contract changed.

A group of them took more than 24,000 signatures to the archdiocese.

Part of the outage over the contract stemmed from a fear that violating the contract would cause someone to lose their job.

However, a spokesperson for the archdiocese said a teacher could get a suspension or a written warning - not a pink slip -  if they violate the contract.

He said a lot of teachers have already signed this contract, and if they signed it this past school year, they should be willing to sign this one.

The archdiocese says next year's contract is no different than the current one. It just writes out specific examples, whereas the current one didn't.

The spokesperson said the contract will not be changed.


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