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Southgate Independent Schools closed due to flea infestation Flea infestation closes school

Southgate Independent Schools closed due to flea infestation

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SOUTHGATE, Ky. -- Southgate Public School will re-open Monday, Sept. 16 once chemical treatments for a flea infestation are completed.

The PreK-8 school was closed after a contractor with Terminix advised the school board to close its doors for treatment. "It was brought to my attention earlier this week from staff members," said Superintendent Jim Palm.

The school attempted to use over-the-counter remedies to treat the problem, but it was ineffective, said Palm. 

"They were jumping on staff's legs, feet and socks, so that's what got everybody's attention," he said.

The school board then called a contractor at Terminix who advised them to close the school so they can properly treat the problem. Terminiex has guaranteed that the flea infestation will be taken care of. 

"In a school of over 200 people, there is no way to tell how the problem started or where it came from," said Palm. "It's my 21 year as superintendent in Kentucky and I've never had to call off school for something like this. It's very unusual."

The school plans to re-open on Monday, Sept. 16 - flea free.

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