Professor Bob Wallace's voyage to bring epic tale to Northern Kentucky University students

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, Ky. – Say "Moby-Dick" and most eyes immediately glaze and yawning ensues.

That was Bob Wallace's initial reaction the first time he was forced to read it too. It was 1961 and he was a student.

But this is now and Herman Melville's epic tale of Capt. Ahab's pursuit of the great white whale is Wallace's passion, his life's work and his own educational and philosophical pursuit.

Now that journey has landed him on an exclusive voyage this summer, which will provide him in-depth perspective few will experience.

Once classes adjourn for the summer semester, Wallace, a regents' professor at Northern Kentucky University, will set sail in Connecticut, aboard the Morgan, America's oldest commercial ship, to follow the setting where "Moby-Dick" was based—bringing a first-person experience to his students in the fall.

"My entire professional life has been a preparation for this voyage," Wallace said.

"I think it will take me somewhere really interesting."

WCPO Insiders will learn about his relationship with the whale, where this voyage will take him and how he teaches his students to interpret literature. 


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