Pit bull or bulldog? Fort Thomas seizes pet that looks like banned breed

Owner had promised not to let it run free

FORT THOMAS, Ky.  - When is a pit bull not a pit bull?

If you live in Fort Thomas, it depends on whom you ask.

One resident's dog is in the pound because he looks like the banned breed.

Dresden Salatin's dog Duke is gone and she insists he didn't run off from his home on Kyles Lane this time.

The city took him away, she says.

"All I want is my dog back."

Salatin says the 61-pound American Bulldog has a habit of getting out through the front door of her duplex.

"If the door accidentally blows open, then my dog just goes roam. But he doesn't stay away. He comes right back in," she says.

That's happened three times, and now city officials say Duke isn't going back home.

So Duke is cooling his paws at the Campbell County Animal Shelter.

City Administrator Don Martin says Duke was taken because he looks enough like a pit bull to be banned in Fort Thomas.

"I'm being harassed over and over again," Salatin says.

But Martin says it's a matter of public safety, that Duke "absolutely is aggressive," and it doesn't matter whether he is a pit bull or not.

He says police had to protect themselves with their batons when they showed up to assist with the dog's removal.

The city thought the issue was resolved the last time Duke got free.

At that time, they offered to drop the dangerous animal and banned breed fines if Salatin removed Duke from Fort Thomas permanently.

She agreed, but Duke was shortly back on Kyles Lane.

Martin wants no more deals.

Salatin was given until Thursday to get the issue resolved before the Campbell County Animal Shelter takes ownership of Duke, and possibly destroys him.

"He's a family member to me. He's a kid to me," Salatin says.

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