Fort Thomas woman reunites with Duke the dog, keeps him from authority reach

FORT THOMAS, Ky. -- A woman reunited with her dog Thursday, but orders from authorities are keeping them from returning home together.

City officials took Dresden Salatin's 61-pound American Bulldog, Duke, from her Fort Thomas home Tuesday. They took Duke to the Campbell County Animal Shelter because as City Administrator Don Martin said, the dog looked enough like a pit bull to be banned in Fort Thomas.

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Martin said Duke's aggressive behavior was a threat, and ordered Salatin to get Duke out of Fort Thomas for good. At the time, Salatin agreed, but not too long after, she and Duke were back home on Kyles Lane.

Two days after her dog was seized, Salatin spent the afternoon with Duke at a park in Bellevue, where the Fort Thomas authorities wouldn't find them.

"I really have no where for him to stay," Salatin told WCPO reporter Scott Wegener. "I'm scared right now at this point. I've drawn so much attention to this."

She promised the shelter she would take Duke to a home in California, Ky., but in fact, it was a fib to rescue Duke from her worst fear - that the shelter might destroy her animal.

"But that was purposely so I could get him out of the shelter," Salatin said. "I know they're going to call me liars again, but I deserve to have my own dog back."

She's used the trick before, according to Terry Baker, animal control officer.

"It's not Duke's fault his owner can't follow some rules," he said,

Neighbors on Kyles Lane said Duke is gentle, and others said he's chased and terrified children.

Salatin said she's received threats through social media, and because of them, wants to stay out of the public's eye.

She showed WCPO paperwork from a veterinarian on Tuesday that lists Duke as a bulldog, not a pit bull.

"Why is this law affecting the fact that I can't have my own dog in my house?" Salatin said.

Baker ordered Salatin to get Duke's DNA tested, so his breed would be proven, from the advice of the city attorney. Duke was released Thursday before the test was done.

"I need to get him home. All he wants to do is go home," Salatin said.







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