Grandparents killed in Uhl Road house fire in Campbell County

Victim jumps from second floor deck to escape fire

COLD SPRING, Ky. -- A elderly couple loved by their community was killed in a fire at a home in unincorporated Campbell County on Friday morning.

The fire was first reported at about 8 a.m. at a home in the 2300 block of Uhl Road. Firefighters found smoke and flames when they first arrived.

cold spring fire

Crews fought through smoke to get inside, and began searching for anyone inside. Fire crews found Bob and Sandra Duve on the floor of a second level bedroom and by 10 a.m., pronounced them dead.

"I mean it's a shame what can happen in the blink of an eye. First thing you know they're sleeping, and then they wake up and this is what happened," Central Campbell County Fire District Chief Gerald Sandfoss said.

Their grandson, who lived with them, had to jump from a second floor deck to escape the flames. He made it out alive, and officials said he's doing "as well as can be expected."

Neighbors said Sandra had a disability.

Firefighters said they did all they could to save the couple but the smoke was too thick for rescuers to reach them in time. Sandfoss said the age of the home made the fire difficult to tackle.

"The fire got into the roofline and the attic, so it just compounded the problems of trying to make entry to the first floor to look for the victims," Sandfross said.

At least three companies were called out to battle the flames. Neighbors said fire crews got to the scene almost immediately after they saw the fire.

"I just think it's sad ... It's just horrible," neighbor Suzanne Buchanan said. "Really good man, really good couple. I've actually never met the wife. He's a really good guy. It's a shame what happened."

The Red Cross also responded to the scene and provided support to the emergency crews.

Officials said they were also contacting their mental health team to assist the family of the victims.

WCPO web editor Holly Pennebaker contributed to this report.

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