Man arrested in Newport, Bellevue burglaries involving bedroom peeping

BELLEVUE, Ky. – A man was arrested Friday in connection with two burglaries earlier this week involving a stranger who entered the bedrooms of women while they were sleeping.

Two victims, a woman and a teenage girl, faced terrifying situations early Sunday morning when they discovered a man standing next to their beds.

On Friday, Newport police arrested Mickey Marcum and charged him with second degree burglary and public intoxication for both cases - in Bellevue and in Newport. Police said Marcum also stole items from the homes.

Marcum is scheduled to appear in Campbell County Court on Monday morning.

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The first incident happened on Berry Street in Bellevue, when police said Marcum entered a home.

“It was about 5 in the morning and I was sleeping soundly and felt the covers of my bed from over my legs being lifted off of me," said the female victim Jennifer Oliver. "I sat up and there was a man crouched beside my bed. I didn't see his face. I sat up and screamed and he ran out of my front door.”

Oliver, who until Friday evening wished to remain anonymous, described to Bellevue police a thin, white 5-feet 8-inch tall man who fled out of her house with a cellphone, four packs of cigarettes and $70.

“I was thinking, 'Oh my God, there's somebody in my house and he touched me,' and it was very creepy and I couldn't figure out how somebody could have gotten into my home,” Oliver said.

Police said they later discovered Marcum entered her home through an unlocked bedroom window after trying to open several other windows around the outside of her home.

A short time later, a second similar incident happened on Ninth and Isabella streets in neighboring Newport. There, police said Marcum awoke a teen girl when he lifted the sheets that covered her while she slept. Similar to Oliver’s experience, police said he fled the house once the young woman awoke.

Oliver’s cellphone was found in the second victim’s bedroom, concretely connecting the two crimes.

Bellevue police officer John McClain, who investigated the break-ins, called the incidents "very disturbing."

“This burglary is not one like we typically see,” McClain said. “This wasn't your run of the mill (burglary). People are gone during the day at work, break in, get some stuff and get out. This was at night when people are home and contrary to popular belief, most burglaries don't take place at night. It's during the day.”

Marcum is being held in the Campbell County Jail. Oliver is relieved he is now behind bars.

"A little scared, a little nervous, I didn't leave my house and come home at night until last night," Oliver said. "So I always made sure I was in the house by dark. Kinda scary thinking about walking into a dark house with somebody who's been in there before still out there."


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