Rally for Alisha Mathis brings community together

CINCINNATI -- A benefit to honor and raise money for Alisha Waters-Mathis, shot five times by her estranged husband in August, took place Saturday, Oct. 19.

The money raised from Saturday's benefit will help to cover Mathis' medical expenses -- big and small.

"She's gonna need a lot of equipment because she's now a quadriplegic and we also have to do a lot of renovations to her home," said Tammy Russell, Alisha's mother.

The community outreach given to the family has been overwhelming. "A lot of people have contacted me through Facebook or email or text that I don't even know," said Russell. The family is hoping that Saturday's benefit will bring the community together in support of Mathis.

Mathis spirits are high despite her condition. "She's got a lot of pain in her neck and shoulders," Russell said. Once Mathis is able to return home, she will need lessons on how to maneuver with her wheelchair and rehab. 

"They're [hospital staff] teaching me so we can bring knowledge home," Russell said. The benefit will help cover larger items, like the home renovation, as well as smaller-scale costs like family education.

In addition to the benefit, the family has set up two ways to donate to help Mathis. Donations can be made at any Bank of Kentucky in the name "Alisha Mathis," or by searching her name on youcaring.com .


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