New trustee leadership could lead to role change for West Chester Township fiscal officer

The man who holds the purse strings for West Chester Township hasn’t been allowed to regularly sit inside township closed door meetings or speak among his fellow officials since taking office in April 2012.

But if two West Chester trustees have their way at the township trustee meeting Tuesday, Fiscal Officer Bruce Jones’ role could change.

Trustee George Lang and newly elected Trustee Mark Welch said they hope to revive and settle the ongoing conversation about regularly allowing Jones into executive sessions at the first meeting of the year Tuesday.

The change signals a shift in elected leadership on the board, which has historically battled a long-standing clash over transparency in the township. Public comments highlighted the issue last year -- from the push to once again add the approval of township legal bills of $2,500 or more to trustee agendas in October to the recurring conversation about who should attend township executive sessions.

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