April Fools' Day joke lies behind Butler Co. UFO report

WEST CHESTER, Ohio -- MetroParks of Butler County cleared the air Tuesday about an apparent UFO sighting, just in time for the fun first day of April.

According to Journal-News, MetroParks reported Monday that a Voice of America MetroParks visitor, who wished to remain anonymous, saw a vehicle that "disappeared completely" into the sky. The visitor described the vehicle as an “odd-shaped piece of construction equipment” with “suspicious lights."

Metroparks spokeswoman Kelly Barkley said Monday's news was a fun way, right before April Fools' Day, to preview an announcement about the park.

“Sometimes we think things need to be fun,” she told Journal-News. “Sometimes there are not-so-good things going on in the world and we want to lighten the mood.”

The real story, Journal-News reported Tuesday, is about the park’s Voice of America Multipurpose Field and Athletic Complex, set to open in the fall, 2014. Twenty-two multipurpose natural grass fields make up the complex, and could bring in $26 million for Butler County.

What Butler County held, as part of its April Fools' joke, was that the county will receive $2 million to carry out two projects - the Voice of America Multipurpose Field and Athletic Complex and the Middletown River Center.


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