Tri-State high school takes measures to protect against potential terror

TRENTON, Ohio -- A Butler County High School began training Thursday, to help ensure students' safety from dangerous attacks.

On Wednesday, a 16-year-old student went on a stabbing spree at a Pennsylvania school, injuring 21 students and one adult

In the Tri-State, Edgewood High School takes the attack seriously, and wants their students to be protected. With help from the Butler County Sheriff's Office, students and faculty are learning what to do if their school is ever faced with terror.

"The days of the school shootings the school stabbings, running to a corner and just hiding and everybody huddling up, crying and hoping you don't get injured shot stabbed or killed -- those days are gone," Sheriff Richard Jones said. "We have to be prepared for that. We're training the teachers and the administration and they're training the kids that go to school here."

The strategy is known as "ALICE" - Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate.

"We're going back to a system that does work and that system is taking aggressive action, getting out of harm's way, retreat, run, get out of the building, barricade the doors, do anything you can to stop or slow down the shooter," Jones said.

He said the strategy can be used outside of school, too, in all public places where a dangerous situation could happen, like a mall or movie theater.

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"These are the times we're in," Jones said. "It's a violent time. We have to be prepared, and this is where it's going to continue to be in large grouped areas, we have to be prepared."


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