Community rallies behind cancer-strickn 2-year-old and his family

Trenton is a town that with a big heart.

Not so sure? It says so on a prominent banner in the community.

It's the sentiment behind that motto propelled the people of Trenton to take 2-year-old Caleb Blair under their collective wing.

The residents of the small town are doing what they can to help the family of the little boy as he fights Stage 4 cancer.

"Well, right now he's taking chemo treatments. They just did a scan to see how his tumors are responding,” said Mark Blair, the boy’s father. “They were not responding as well as they'd hoped they would, so this coming week he's going to be taken to the hospital again."

Mark Blair, a geometry teacher and boys’ volleyball coach at Edgewood High School, is taking the spring off from coaching in order to spend more time with his son, wife Julie and the couple's other young children.

The times are trying for the Blairs, but the people of Trenton are doing what they can to benefit them through the "Prayers for Caleb" campaign. 

The Talawanda and Monroe school districts have held fundraisers. Back home at Edgewood High School, three students recently hosted a 4-on-4 fundraising volleyball tournament for Caleb.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg, as the community has various other events in the works.

“I’m amazed how much these really humble people have done for us. We really feel unworthy of the amount of time and the amount of attention," said Mark Blair.

On Saturday the local Moose Lodge hosted a community-wide charitable event.

The event featured things such as silent auctions and other fundraisers as a way to benefit the 2-year-old’s fight for life.

It runs from 2 p.m. until closing.

“I mean, it's overwhelming at a time like this, you just need to be embraced,” Julie Blair said.

But Trenton is doing a lot more than embracing the Blairs. They've made taking care of the family their mission.

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