Lakota officials step up security in response to shooting threat found in girls' bathroom

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- A threat found scrawled in a girls’ bathroom has prompted administrators to increase security on Monday with more police officers on patrol.

The note was found in a bathroom at the Lakota East freshman school. It's the second threat to take place in Butler County this week.

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This time, the note said students should wear red on Monday or they would be shot, according to executive director of media and community relations Randy Oppenheimer.

Parents said Friday afternoon they were glad to see the school taking action.

"You never think it's gonna happen to a school your child's in," parent Fred Moriarty said.

"It's a question if you want to send them to school on Monday, if it's worth the risk," said Mark Peddicord, who has quadruplets in the freshman class.

The school will also forbid students from leaving during class, unless it's an emergency.

When the students who are responsible for this are found, "pretty severe consequences" will be enforced, including a chance of expulsion and possibly face criminal charges. The Butler County Sheriff's Office is working with prosecutors to track down whoever is responsible for the threat.

“You have to take threats seriously nowadays, and we’re going to look very intensely to find out which kid, or kids did this because you can’t ignore the possible consequences,” Oppenheimer said.

Officials said a note explaining the incident was sent home to parents, hoping parents and students might be able to help them identify the person responsible for the note. School resource officers are interviewing students and security has been increased.

Oppenheimer said the increased security will continue past the Nov. 4 date mentioned in the note.

He speculated that date was chosen because it was originally a scheduled day off but the date was changed and students have to go to school now.

9 On Your Side reporter Amy Wadas contributed to this report.

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