Woman jailed after running over child

OXFORD, Ohio - A community is outraged over a toddler's death.

Relatives and neighbors are worried the driver accused of running over the 19-month-old boy could get out of jail and drive again.

Oxford police say Randalla Wright has a history of driving with an expired license.

Investigators say it's going to take time before they will know all the circumstances surrounding the death of Bentley Blake.

They say the preliminary report shows his mother was talking to the toddler's older brother's bus driver at the bus stop on Michelle Drive when the toddler got into the street and was run over by Wright, who was driving an SUV.

"It's the hardest thing this family has been through. I am just trying to hold up my daughter and son-in-law," said Belinda Sherley, Blake's grandmother.

Wright is not facing any charges in connection with the toddler's death at this time. She was in court Tuesday afternoon on a probation violation for driving with a suspended license when she hit the toddler.

Police say they can't add charges until they know exactly what happened.

They say they are getting mixed reports from witnesses of what allegedly happened.

Investigators will be doing more interviews and looking at surveillance cameras that could have captured video of when the SUV hit Blake. They also need to determine if Wright violated traffic laws, like ignoring bus signals to stop.

If she's charged, "We want her to be charged with what's appropriate, what fits," said Oxford Police Sgt. Jon Varley.

Wright's aunt showed up for the court hearing Tuesday. She says Wright is a good mother who is having a lot of trouble handling this.

"I know right now she's really torn up about what happened last Friday with the child and the family and what they're going through," said Terri Marcum.

"If she gets out of jail. I hope she remembers not to get back in that car," Sherley said. "She's a mother, too. I know she hurts too, but my daughter is suffering so bad."

Investigators hope to have their report done in about two weeks. They will take their results to the county prosecutor who will determine what charges should be filed, if any.

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