Miami students hold protest to vice presidential candidate Ryan visit

OXFORD, Ohio - Miami University students supporting President Obama did not give Representative Paul Ryan a warm welcome to his alma mater as they rallied in opposition to his budget proposals.

Ahead of Paul Ryan's speech at MU's campus Wednesday evening, the Obama campaign organized student speakers on campus for an afternoon rally where students condemned the Mitt Romney-Ryan ticket, a ticket they say would "hurt the middle class."

"Ryan is coming here for a particular reason: This is alma mater, he's trying to reach out to college students, he's trying to demonstrate his plan and we wanted to be here to show what the college students are actually saying in terms of getting an education," said Rahul Guha, a graduate economics student at MU.

Guha studies in the same economics program that Ryan graduated from in 1992 -- with a dual degree in economics and political science.

Ryan and the Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives are proposing to cut the American Education Opportunity Credit -- a tax refund many students receive and a proposal that some MU students believe would hurt their pursuit of an education.

"The plan makes it harder to get an education but more particularly for me is that the Romney-Ryan plan and their attempt to magically balance budgets [would] increase the burden on the middle class wages," Guha said.

The vice presidential pick of Ryan has excited many local Democrats, as they hope to connect him to what they call "extreme" budget proposals.

"Romney just doubled down on extremism with the selection of Ryan," said Jason Pitt, a campaign employee for Obama's re-election.

Streets of Miami bustled prior to the Ryan event as supporters rolled into the college town and many students arrived into town ahead of the start of school on Aug. 20.

Gates opened to the Ryan event at 3 p.m., and he was expected to speak to a crowd of 3,600 at 6 p.m outside the engineering building at 450 E. High St.

Outside the gates, showed up to protest Romney's polices and shouting, "outsource Romney!"

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