Fireworks lead to pending criminal charges for Miami University fraternity members

OXFORD, Ohio - Charges are pending on Tuesday against two Miami University fraternities and their members, and it all started with a fire alarm.

The Phi Kappa Tau chapter has had its charter suspended after police found fraternity members shooting fireworks from the third floor of the house toward the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house just after 5:30 a.m. on Sunday.

When fraternity members didn't cooperate with officers, police got search warrants and allegedly found fireworks as well as drugs like marijuana and cocaine in both houses.  Drug paraphernalia was also allegedly found.

"It was just kind of disappointing to see the lack of cooperation from them," said Oxford police officer Sgt. Jon Varley.  "They're supposed to be setting the example on campus, and this is not the example I'd want for my kids to follow."

Varley said the incident could have turned out much worse if the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house had caught fire, as some residents of the house slept through the fire alarm.

Police do not know when the criminal charges will be filed against the fraternity members.

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