Racino power outage from blown fuse puts a stop to horse racing

MONROE, Ohio -- A big night of racing at Miami Valley Gaming ended up leaving crowds disappointed when the lights wouldn't come on Friday night.

A packed facility at the new casino waited to see horse races, but about 20 minutes before the first race, everything went dark. About 700 people were told after a two-hour wait that the power outage would not be repaired, and unfortunately, no races would run.

Virginia Nesbitt said, "I think it's a flop. A lot of people are disappointed they came out in this cold weather and it's been hyped up for a while."

The track will try to kick off the races again Saturday, but Nesbitt said she likely won't be back.

Another man was there for his 60th birthday. Dale Kostoff said they'll have to get things straightened out before he revisits.

As for the Miami Valley Gaming staff, they're determined to work out the kink.

"We are very disappointed, we had a great crowd," Jeff Nelson said. "Technical issues didn't feel safe with the horses and drivers out there without the course properly lit."

Later Friday night, the cause of the power outage was found to be a blown fuse on equipment.

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WCPO reporter Natasha Williams contributed to this report.


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