Monroe police develop new person of interest in death of Barbara Howe

MONROE, Ohio -- The Monroe Police Department has a new person of interest in the death of Barbara Howe.

The 87-year-old was found dead in the trunk of her car in November 2012. The car was found next to a children’s playground by the Woodridge Park East Apartments in Middletown.

WCPO’s Jay Warren spoke with Detective Gregg Myers about the case Monday.

Myers said the department is not releasing much information because they don’t want to tip off the person of interest.

"In a situation like this in any criminal case you only have one time when you go to the prosecution phase you only have one chance so we want to be correct and right and we continue to strive to put the pieces together to make it."

The detective said it is the highest profile case he has worked on.

"I won't go into specifics as to when we developed this person … We're in a position where every day, every day I work on this case,” Myers said. "I think about this every day. I try to think outside the box to see if there is another direction."

Police said Howe’s 3.31 carat oval cut diamond ring is still missing and could be linked to the case.

Howe's daughter Donna Wesselman told 9 On Your Side she is happy there is progress in the case.

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