Worthmore's historic Middletown clothing store to close after nearly 100 years in business

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio -- The last of a Cincinnati family’s historical line of men’s clothing stores is about to close after nearly 100 years in business.

Worthmore’s Clothing, will shut down at Middletown’s Towne Mall Galleria in two to three weeks, said Mark Krumbein, storeowner and Cincinnati criminal defense attorney.

The family business, one of the oldest continually operating men’s clothing’s stores in Ohio, is the fifth and last clothing store owned by the Krumbein family.

Once a store that had such strong ties to the community—and sold them, too, Worthmore’s closing formally marks the end of an era where customers were also friends and dressing to impress was a way of everyday life.

Business has been terrible,” Krumbein said, who kept the store open for the last eight months as a tribute to his father after he died. “It tried to keep it going, but it’s not working now that the era has sort of passed.”

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