Police: Two children found living in filth in Middletown garage

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio – Authorities say they removed two children living in filth in a Middletown garage Monday.

Butler County Children Services and Middletown police say a 7-year-old girl and a 6-year-old boy were found in the detached garage next to a home in the 2200 block of Queen Ave.

Middletown Police Lt. Jim Cunningham said there were bugs on the floor and walls of the garage where the children were discovered.

"They were sleeping in some makeshift beds in the garage," he said.

The mother of the children, Jackie Pettit, moved to Middletown recently from Hamilton, officials said.

Cunningham said Butler County Children Services has an open case against Pettit and charges against her are looming.

"The house didn't have enough food or living quarters for them to live in, so they were living in the garage," Cunningham said.

According to police, the house was full of bed bugs and there was no food in the fridge.

The only bedroom in the home had no bed and was extremely dirty, officials said.

Police said Pettit admitted to agents during questioning that she used heroin Monday morning and has an addiction to the drug.

"There's a lot of heroin in this city, and I’m sure there is everywhere else too,” Cunningham said. “But with the reduced staff of officers, it becomes more prevalent. We see a lot of robberies. We had two armed robberies last week."

Authorities said the case is still under investigation.  

The children are currently with a great grandmother in Sharonville.

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