Police find arsenal of guns, ammunition in home after arresting Middletown man

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio -- Police found an arsenal of weapons inside a Middletown man’s home after he was arrested during an altercation with officers.

The Journal-News reported police found 20 weapons inside 39-year-old William Jefferys’ home on Caprice Drive while they executed a search warrant. He kept safes full of guns at his home that he inherited from his father.

That arsenal included high-powered rifles, sniper rifles with scopes, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and night-vision gear. "Just inside the front door was a 100-round drum that contained 223 ammo, which is for the high-powered rifle," Det. Tim Meehan said.

Jefferys faces charges including assault on a corrections officer, two counts of aggravated menacing, drug paraphernalia, loud noise violation and obstructing official business.

He appeared in Middletown Municipal Court Wednesday for a preliminary hearing, where he pleaded not guilty to the charges. The case was bound over to a grand jury.

A police report states the incident happened when officers were called to Jefferys’ home on March 18 for shots fired.

Neighbor Ben Herman heard the gunshots, and shuttered at the thought of a loaded rifle so close to his home.

"The worst thing is the kids around here," Herman said. "Like if who would've ... like who shoots that outside?"

When confronted by officers, officials said Jefferys became combative and threatened two officers.

"He asked me if I walked out my front door everyday to go to work, and I said 'yes I do,' and he said 'you better look for me, I'm going to be across the street from your house,' and he said, 'my bullet won't miss,'" Meehan said.

The incident didn’t end there. Police said Jefferys assaulted a corrections officer when he was taken into custody.

The Journal-News reported Jefferys has a long list of prior arrests and charges.

Meehan spoke to a judge and Jeffrey's attorney regarding the man's psychological state.

"He deserves to have help," Meehan said. "He's been isolated, not a lot of people knew that he was in this condition, so this is probably a good thing that somebody gets to take a look at him."

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