Middletown woman loses life savings to scam

CINCINNATI -- A Middletown woman's caretaker is charged with stealing the majority of her life savings, according to police.

Melissa Cornett struggles with multiple sclerosis (MS), and invited Rhonda Smith to help take care of her inside her home.

Cornett trusted Smith like she was family, and was glad to have help caring for her son, cooking and cleaning, running errands and paying bills. She gave Smith access to her debit cards.

Police said Smith took thousands of dollars and used the money to buy jewelry, a car, a trailer and more personal items.

"I'm hurt, I'm angry," Cornett said.

Police arrested Smith several days ago and charged her with felony theft, and said Monday that three more people could face charges in connection to the scam.

Smith is expected to appear in court Wednesday.


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