Middletown mess: Two children removed from home 'crawling with bugs and filth'

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio -- Police took two children from a Middletown home covered in filth, bugs and feces, and arrested their mother Tuesday.

Middletown police said neighbors of Victoria Colwell contacted them with the concern that her children, an 8-month-old boy and a 2-year-old girl, were in unhealthy living conditions and that Colwell was intoxicated.

When police arrived, they said Colwell spoke with slurred speech and seemed unsteady on her feet. She was taken into custody on two counts of child endangering.

Police surveyed the townhome and found a scarce amount of food, along with piles of soiled laundry, feces, roaches and a white powder substance accessible to Colwell's children.

"Totally deplorable," Officer Andy Warwick said. "The diaper was totally saturated to where when the 8-month-old was picked up, urine and feces came out the sides of the diaper."

He said the children, who are safe with their grandparents, could have "easily been poisoned" by the white powder.

"Children are a great blessing and we need to take care of them, they're our future," Warwick said.

Butler County investigators will continue to explore the case but were not immediately sure if Colwell would get her kids back.

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