Middletown men claiming to be firefighters attack couple

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio -- Two men claiming to be firefighters assaulted and robbed a Middletown couple, according to police.

Michael Saunders and his girlfriend, Molly Martin, were at their home in the 1900 block of Roosevelt Avenue when two men claiming to be firefighters knocked on their door, officers said.

When Saunders opened the door, the men "came charging in."

Police say one of the men pointed a gun at Saunders and then attacked the two with a hammer.

Saunders was hit in back of the head with the hammer and Martin was hit in the forehead and forearm, police said.

"You could kill somebody that way," Lt. Scott Reeve told the Journal-News. "That's a serious assault when someone gets struck with a hammer."

Saunders told the Journal-News he's fortunate that his 3-year-old daughter wasn't home during the robbery.

Middletown Police said most robberies are not random acts.

"Very seldom we hear about random acts like this. People are usually targeted for a specific reason," said Reeve.

The men stole Saunders' limited edition Xbox and his black leather ottoman.

Since the attack, Saunders' friends have purchased him a new Xbox and he has bought a gun for protection.

Police say that if the men are caught, they are facing felonious assault and aggravated robbery charges.

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