Cincinnati Dayton Road: Crews prep to improve dangerous Butler County road

LIBERTY TWP., Ohio -- More than $2.4 million in upcoming road projects are in place to alleviate some of the traffic congestion and concerns of motorists in Butler County.

As many as 38,000 vehicles travel through the intersection at Cincinnati Dayton and Yankee roads every day, making it one the most trafficked and dangerous intersection in Liberty Township, according to the Butler County Engineer's Office.

Several persons who spoke to WCPO on Thursday said they’ve seen several accidents in the area over the past few years.

In fact, there were 19 wrecks at that intersection last year, the most in either Butler or Warren counties.

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One possible reason for those accidents is an uptick in traffic caused by a recent population boom in the region. The intersection is located near a Kroger and Cincinnati's Children's Hospital, which continues to expand.

"There's a lot of development taking place up there," said Chris Petrocy, spokesperson for the Butler County Engineer's Office. "That's an area that's been exploding with growth over the past 10 years or so. With Children's Hospital in particular expanding quite a bit up there, we're just expecting greater traffic volumes." 

Butler County Engineer Greg Wilkens helped come up with a plan to widen the roadway and create new lanes throughout the area.

"Just meeting the demand that's typical we chase the problems and fix the problems and that's where the traffic is headed so we're adding the capacity where the traffic needs it to go," he said

Beginning May 12, construction crews will work on widening Cincinnati Dayton Road at the State Route 129 interchange. Crews will add an additional north and southbound lane to Cincinnati Dayton Road and also improve the east and westbound exit ramps for turning movements.

"Capacity has a direct relationship to accident history, and if you can make traffic run smoother, you have less potential for accidents," said Wilkens.  

"The volume we anticipate is still going to increase but we're going to have more lanes and give more capacity and when we add more capacity it will take congestion away it has less probability of having accidents," he said.

Petrocy said widening the stretch of roadway helps ensure emergency vehicles traveling to and from the hospital can get through the area with more ease.

Children's Hospital is funding $491,725 for the construction project, given the additional traffic their expansion adds to the intersection. 

Federal funds cover $1,966,900 for the project and the county will pay $9,618.

Construction is scheduled to go through September.

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