Butler County girl fighting cancer gets brand new home

BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio - The scream coming from Yosselin Villatoro, 7, could only be described as priceless as she walked into her new home for the first time Tuesday night.

It was the same kind of excitement for Yosselin's grandparents and her younger brother.

"This is not ours," Yosselin's grandmother Tammy Randall said. "It's breathtaking, breathtaking, just absolutely beautiful."

In December of 2011, doctors found a large tumor in Yosselin's left femur. The cancer spread to her lungs. Treatment required a seven-inch section of her femur to be removed and replaced with a metal rod. This will be a long-term challenge for Yosselin as her artificial femur will need to be lengthened as she grows.

"I want to thank the people that have had a hand in this," Yosselin's grandfather Keith Randall said. "I'm very grateful and just want to thank them all."

Yosselin immediately went straight to her bedroom when she first walked into the home. She was most excited about her new popcorn making machine.

Her grandparents have been the primary caretaker of Yosselin and her brother Freddie, 6, since 2008.

They were very excited about the home's accessibility.  The home has a handicapped accessible shower and spacious floors, making it a lot easier for Yosselin to get around. It is much different than their old home.

"She'd walk around in her walker and fall, the mold, flooding under the house sounded like a waterfall," Tammy said.

Co-founder with the New Chance Foundation Ashley Chance read about Yosselin in the local paper and decided he needed help.

"We showed up one day, contractors made modifications and I said what everyone's thinking, we probably need to tear that house down and build a new one," Chance said.

The family still needs $15,000 to put the finishing touches on the home. Donations can be made to A New Chance Foundation .  

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