Hard feelings linger for Edgewood High School players

TRENTON, Ohio – The field of battle was quiet Tuesday at Edgewood High School.

There were no fans to cheer their young warriors, but hard feelings lingered among some though who say the Northwest High School players urinated on the bathroom floor and broke into a locker Friday night.

"Students went to the locker room ten or fifteen minutes later, enough for them (Northwest students) to clear out of the locker room, I had one of the coaches 'you need to come over and look at this,'" said Russ Fuasnecker, principal at Edgewood High School.

Many players felt the locker room had been trashed, Fuasnecker noted.

Northwest local schools and Northwest High School wouldn't comment on the incident.

Fuasnecker said there was also an accusation of theft.

"I was told one of the locks was knocked open and that a necklace and ear rings were taken,” he said.

Parents have yet to pursue the matter and a police report has not been filed, Edgewood city schools officials said.

Fussnecker downplayed the incident at the school.

"Emotions were high and we are a proud football tradition school and its not every day that you get it handed to you on the football field and we did that night."

It is clear the districts consider the matter over unless the parent wants to file a theft report, which so far hasn't happened.

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