Woman returns stolen puppy to Hamilton family after seeing WCPO report

HAMILTON, Ohio -- A 9-year-old’s furry best friend is finally back home after being stolen from his family’s Hamilton home Friday.

The Gray family said a woman contacted them and said she had Keesha, a 5-month-old puppy, that she recognized from the local news.

The family said the woman told them that she found the dog wandering in a parking lot, and made the match after seeing a report from WCPO's Bryce Anslinger.

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Keesha made her safe trip back home to Teddy, and the young boy smiled again, with his puppy by his side.

His mother, Kristy Gray, said, "He smiled and cried, and it was just great to see her again and the happiness back in the home."

"I love Keesha and she's so beautiful," Teddy said. "I'll just grab her by the leash and say, 'Keesha run' and when she starts running, I'll run around with her."

The family said the theft was extremely disturbing to their son.

Teddy Gray received Keesha as a Christmas gift from his aunt. Kristy said Teddy was devastated without his puppy, and had trouble sleeping and eating.

"It's very hard to see your son go through something where you can't tell him why somebody has done this because you don't really know why,” Kristy said.

The Grays filed a police report, and Hamilton police said their search for Keesha's thief would continue.

Anyone with information about the theft is asked to call the Hamilton Police Department at 513-868-5811.

WCPO reporter Brian Yocono spoke with Teddy and his mother shortly after Keesha's homecoming.


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